Short Url Redirection

SG5 Short url Signup Terms

The owner of a sub domain (using any shorturl from this site's referred to as the  'owner' in these terms) is fully responsible for the content of his homepage to where the sub domain is linked to.
Publishing material which is against law and / or offends common decency is strictly forbidden.


The owner is fully responsible that the content of his homepage fulfils this point. No Site may link to or contain any adult content or links to such sites, same applies to warez, hacks, cracks sites, torrents, trackers all ip's are logged on signup.


You must use a valid email account on sign up in order to activate your account.


All Accounts must be in English and be valid no 404 or page under construction, any account not meeting these basic requirements will be removed.

We technically cannot take influence to what the owner publishes on his homepage and therefore we distance ourselves from the owner's web page-content.

The owner has to prove whether the sub domain name he chooses harms certain rights and/or trademarks. As a conclusion in a case of copyright- or trademark violation the owner promises to not involve us into legal matters and / or compensations.

We keep the right to delete or to not forgive sub domain names, even without mentioning a reason , or to withdraw this free service totally.

SPAM (unwanted emails), in which the name of one of our sub domains is mentioned, will not be allowed in any way. These sub domains will be deleted immediately without warning. we may place a banner on your site from time to time asking surfers if they have been spammed by this site.

In case of spamming please contact the webmaster, with the url of the site and if possible forward the spam email to us.

The owner agrees that our service will contact him from time to time via email. If the email account is dead we will assume you no longer require the account and close it for you.

Domains, that are inactive for longer than 70 days, will be deleted automatically, they will also be deleted if we get a 404 error during our random checks or the site isnt English.


All sites will carry a banner advert this can be removed with a once only payment.


We reserve the right to change our terms or suspend the service at any time.


If you do not agree with out terms then don't use our Free service.